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Additional Services

I offer additional services besides what's provided in my shop.

Please note that I’m an anime, cartoon, Game, Black art and abstract artist. I Do NOT do realistic pieces! Look in my shop for examples of each genre. I can do semi-realistic but it will be more on the cartoon side so keep that in mind.

I offer simple canvas and digital creations for the time being.

Abstract Canvas: If you would like me to make a custom abstract art piece on a canvas the price for each canvas I have is listed below: 

6x6: $50       8x10: $120       11x14: $175      16x20: $250

*This includes having resin on top of your piece.*

Resin is a gloss based top coat to help the colors be even more vibrant.

You can choose up to three colors for me to use if you want more than three it'll be an additional charge.

Digital Artwork: If you would like me to create a simple digital art piece the price is listed below:

Digital Art: (includes print & framing)

5x7: $50+    8.5x11: $100+     13x19: $200+  

If you would like bigger sizes or sizes in between please contact me via email or instagram. Please note if what you want is not simple it will be a higher price than what's listed above and will take more time to do.

***If the artwork you'd like is not simple it will be an extra charge depending on what it is.***

If you only want the digital art and for it to not be printed out please contact me via email.

Business Card Designs, Logos, Flyers, Order Forms & Cover Art 

Are available as well to discuss upon request prices varies for these options.

***All custom pieces or any custom designs will require a 50% deposit before I get started and is non-refundable. Thank you.***